Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I have watched many things which have triggered my mind today.. 'Frozen Planet' was brilliant. It's amazing how there are so many things alive. Things we don't even know exist. Life.. We are so uncertain of life. Only because through the majority of it we are worrying about the end of it. At least, I am. The truth being that every life comes to an end. No matter who, or what you are, we all run our course of the world. My question for you, is do you believe in after life? Is this 'afterlife' something we have created in order to fill an emotional gape. It's an odd thing to think about.. like when you think about the size of the universe.. if all things come to an end, then where does the universe end? Where is the barrier to the edge of the universe? And what is beyond that barrier? I mean, there must be SOMETHING. What's outside the boundaries of life? I guess, this is where religion comes into place. Religion, for such a peaceful thing, causes so much chaos. I had yet another strange thought come across my mind,..can everyone be right? I wonder how the world would be if god, or allah, buddha, jesus, Vishnu or Brahma, were all accepted as living simultaneously, and in unison.. would the world be so much more peaceful? What if everyone has a piece of the puzzle of belief, and when it fits together.. it all..just works. You probably think this is complete ludicrous, as well as many other things, but hey, just a thought.  Boundaries are a funny thing, boundaries of life, boundaries of the universe, boundaries of society, boundaries of religion, and boundaries of , even some thoughts.. Some visible, some, not so visible, rather based on common moral. Stop and think what is outside the boundaries.. and if what is outside those boundaries, lies within the boundaries of acceptance.. Like a multiple image mirroring effect, it's a subject, which can go on until the end of the universe. Or can it? For a change, think outside the boundaries.


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