Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I have watched many things which have triggered my mind today.. 'Frozen Planet' was brilliant. It's amazing how there are so many things alive. Things we don't even know exist. Life.. We are so uncertain of life. Only because through the majority of it we are worrying about the end of it. At least, I am. The truth being that every life comes to an end. No matter who, or what you are, we all run our course of the world. My question for you, is do you believe in after life? Is this 'afterlife' something we have created in order to fill an emotional gape. It's an odd thing to think about.. like when you think about the size of the universe.. if all things come to an end, then where does the universe end? Where is the barrier to the edge of the universe? And what is beyond that barrier? I mean, there must be SOMETHING. What's outside the boundaries of life? I guess, this is where religion comes into place. Religion, for such a peaceful thing, causes so much chaos. I had yet another strange thought come across my mind,..can everyone be right? I wonder how the world would be if god, or allah, buddha, jesus, Vishnu or Brahma, were all accepted as living simultaneously, and in unison.. would the world be so much more peaceful? What if everyone has a piece of the puzzle of belief, and when it fits together.. it all..just works. You probably think this is complete ludicrous, as well as many other things, but hey, just a thought.  Boundaries are a funny thing, boundaries of life, boundaries of the universe, boundaries of society, boundaries of religion, and boundaries of , even some thoughts.. Some visible, some, not so visible, rather based on common moral. Stop and think what is outside the boundaries.. and if what is outside those boundaries, lies within the boundaries of acceptance.. Like a multiple image mirroring effect, it's a subject, which can go on until the end of the universe. Or can it? For a change, think outside the boundaries.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

About Autumn.

It's Autumn. The crisp leaves are desending onto the soggy pavement, ready to be crunched and kicked around under a happy child's feet. The last of the ripened fruit falls off branches clumsily, before you have time to catch them. However summer turning to winter brings trees dense with darkness and the occasional ray of a street light hitting the side of a leaf as it cascades in the wind. Short grey days. The once ripened fruit combining with the grit on the pavement and becoming somewhat mulch. Trying to stay happy if you are above the age of 15, suddenly becomes a challenge. Today, I am as depressed as a cold cup of tea. I find my emotions are as changing as the seasons. Like the sudden leafy stripping of a tree, my feelings become cold and oversensitive. Friends that are too close for a hug suddenly become distant and unresponsive....still I tell myself to find good things in the day. Running down the hill listening to the somewhat familiar sound of a stick against a metal pole-fence. Being graced by the hallowing yet comforting over sized silhouettes of blackened evergreens, as the become absorbed by darkness and stand proud in the moonlight. I always found something comforting about a dark forest.. or just a piece of nature that looked quite beautiful. Funny how even the posture of a tree can make you want to curl up and sleep under it. Or is that just me? The gray paths lit by possesive false rays, but being comforted by your own shadow. Then theres the mystical sense of magic, as the wind catches your hair and rolls tiny bits of autumn in it's current. Reminds me of every time muffasah appears in the clouds in the lion king. I guess thats how I must think of it. Like a lion running through barren and dry lands to get to the land bursting with life, Autumn may come, the grass will turn green again.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A different Perspective.

... My day has been full of hesitation.. pondering questions that are on a continuos loop.. Emotions. Are they funny? Anger, love, jealousy, happiness, angst, confusion.. lust. These emotions we have evolved to have.. Will you ever stop and think how amazing communication is? We can form particular bonds with people.. 'Like-minded' people, who we can sit with for hours on end, saying nothing at all. But sometimes, the best conversation of your life has no words. It's a wonder how we can tell others a particular thing.. for example,asking a question.. we are so lucky that we have the power of speech... You don't see girraffes asking other girraffes to pass a leafy branch over.. It's a wonderful human quality, again taken for granted.. yet, we can totally miss judge someone without speech.. Walking home I encountered some people I automatically put in the class of 'loud chavs' Yet, when we passed, the girl turned and shot a soft smile my way. I felt so awful for miss judging her. The most 'Chavy' looking person can still be absolutely lovely ; A man wearing black leather and metal studs, can still be the most sensitive mellow man to exist. Personal flaw- Judging before knowing. On the same journey walking home, looking down into a puddle, the sky's reflection caught my eye, and I soon found my head in the clouds.. I didn't see clouds any more.. I saw islands in the sky. The striking purple clouds against the contrasting mellow umber sunset.. The clouds were the islands, the surrounding rays were the sea.. Next time you gaze into the deep sky, look if you can see it my way.. It feels as if you are up high staring into a mystery land..The sky is a mystery land. It's beautiful. But maybe I'm just crazy? I will allow you to 'Judge' your own way...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Beginning.

Well, I have never actually 'blogged' as such before.. but scrolling through all of the blogs on here, I thought, I may as well give it a shot. After all, you only live once.. I am not here to talk about myself, or you, or fashion for that matter. I'm here to talk about us. Us, as a unity. The earth, the sun, the life, that we so happily take for granted. You see, I am not you're 'average' teenage girl (I know pretty much everyone says that.) I have grown up in many places in my short life. England, Germany, Borneo, Australia, Singapore.. I have had the chance to see what many.. simply won't. But none of this matters. I want to show you something. Something we seem to have forgotten during our education. Do you remember as a child, ever looking up at a tree with beaming innocent eyes, and simply thinking how beautiful it was? Climbing up them and sitting in thier humbling branches. I have forgotten the beauty of day to day life. Here I wish to share with you some of my inner thoughts.. I start with the beginning.. and the end, the thing that keeps the earth spinning, the life growing and our hearts glowing, the thing that is there from birth to death..The beginning and the end... The sun. It occured to me that we seem to ignore the sun.. we know of it's natural beauty.. and it's always there, comforting the sky in a blanket of mellow rays.. Obviously we don't want to hurt our eyes by staring.. but as a child? I didn't care. Staring at the sun with wide kaleidascopic lenses, running through the greens with the multicoloured striking after image of the sun in the back of our eyes. Today I looked at the beginning, I laughed foolishly after it stung my eyes, but now, I will always spare a thought for the most ignored existance. The humble sunshine. Our humble sunshine.-